Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"You'd call that an obsession."

Let the record show that Walt Monegan was the first one to describe Palin's behavior (toward her former brother-in-law) as "an obsession."    Monegan, in case you'd forgotten, was the public safety commissioner ousted for not firing the former brother-in-law, the "trooper" in Troopergate.

Isn't it interesting that the governor, obsessed initially with ousting a man from his job in Alaska, is now obsessed with ousting Obama from the victory he seems poised to achieve?  Obsessed.  There seems little doubt that both Palin and mcCain have become obsessed with Obama.  Obsessed with carrying on a Vendetta against him.  Obsessed with seizing the presidency by any means possible, to the extent of destroying their own party and all hope for unity within the nation.   Obsessed enough to engage in hate speech and inciting of supporters at rallies against a candidate for high office.

"You'd call that an obsession," Monegan stated, when describing the countless phone calls and surrogates who tried to influence his work as commissioner and ultimately ensured his own fall from government.  A good man, by all descriptions, who refused to bow to the governor's will.  And a governor whose mixing of politics and a personal feud were so unseemly that her own party in the State legislature voted for an independent investigation of this matter.

And this is the woman mcShame asserts is the "best person" for his running mate, the "best person" in his judgment to take over should he be elected and be unable to carry out presidential duties.

A woman "obsessed" enough to carry out a Vendetta against a former brother-in-law - and to do so using her powers as governor.  This is the woman chosen by the republican nominee for vice-president?  Trophy Vice.  And her equally obsessed Partner and Soulmate in Lying, Hypocrisy, and Vendettas. 

"You'd call that an obsession," said Walt Monegan about his governor's behavior.

I'd call it a disgrace!


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Aren't those the acts of a maverick reformer?
Palin is vacuous ideologue, and I'm damned glad McCain selected her as his running mate.

On maverick "nailed" to another.....

That should be "one" maverick nailed to another.
avatar I assume this means you are "glad" because it almost assures victory for democrats. I cannot agree. I am unhappy with the pick because of what it says about our country. I think it would be a lot better if democrats could make their case against more coherent opponents. Now the unwashed hate-filled masses can just blame it on Palin. It isn't clear to me that having idiots on the other ticket makes the democrats position stronger in the long run.

It does if it forces all thinking moderate republicans and independents to vote for Obama and be more active in the primaries and mid-terms. The republican party has to implode in order for something more reasonable and rational to rise in its place.

I don't think the GOP has to implode, just shake off the extremists that have dogged it: neocons and religious right. I think this election will be that breaking point: they have lost the middle class, much as the Dems did in the 80's.

That's kind of what I meant. The republican party will have to "die" and take all Rapture Right and Rich Motherfucker crowd down with it. Then moderate voices in the party can actually work with democrats to craft sustainable solutions that serve all of our interests.

Ah, well, now I know where you are coming from. I thought you had in mind the kind of implosion that we saw with the Whigs... which helped give us the GOP. (You are one of the few posters here where I assume you frame things in terms of broad historical references given some of your earlier, sophisticated postings.)

I try to take the long view. Otherwise it is too easy to get depressed. :O)

I don't think that the Republican's problems are confined to the raptured right. While I wouldn't want them running the country, they don't bother me as much as the militiamen who are prevalent in ID, AZ, OK, AR, and MO, AK and elsewhere probably.

I am just glad they are a very small percentage of the overall population. They are too well armed and paranoid to make me entirely comfortable. I don't think they are a traditional power center in the GOP, though.

I am curious to see what will be in the report the investigator will be releasing tomorrow.
McCain/Palin truly are a demented, delusional pair...

Well said, TheraP

So good to see you again, buddy! And thanks.
avatar Rec'd
avatar Johnny McOld selected Palin because she gave him a woody..

It was the blue pill not she . .

He needed someone to hug. His wife won't let him touch her since he took away her narcotics. She said subjecting to his vile impulses when she wasn't in a narcotic stupor was TRULY a Kafkaesque experience.

Well, the fruit-loop "law firm" from Texas, and the six legislators suing to obstruct justice, were thrown out of the Alaska Supreme Court with the frivolous law suit.
That SC upheld the superior court which had already told them where to go.
And even Todd has given detailed answers to questions -- under subpoena he had attempted CRIMINALLY to ignore -- about the extensive efforts to get Wooten fired.
And it seems Sarah "Saris is About Sarah" Palin is in disagreement with him on a detail or two. Good sign when two criminal racketeers -- consirators -- disagree, and are self-justifiers who will go public with their incriminating cross-self-justifications.
Palin is near final success in having destroyed her own political career. They aren't going to make excuses for her in Alaska after what she has shown herself to be.

I'm counting on Alaska. They can lead by example. And I hope the rest of the country will follow suit. We need such a housecleaning.....

My initial impression of Palin was that she was just "out of her league", ignorant and incurious. That was enough reason to dislike her.
Now that I see how wicked she is on the stump, I am enraged! I really want to see her comeupance tomorrow. I can't stand her. She bugs me much more than McCain - probably because McCain has some substance while she has ZERO.

“OBSESSED, p.p. Vexed by an evil spirit, like the Gadarene swine and other critics. Obsession was once more common than it is now. Arasthus tells of a peasant who was occupied by a different devil for every day in the week, and on Sundays by two. They were frequently seen, always walking in his shadow, when he had one, but were finally driven away by the village notary, a holy man; but they took the peasant with them, for he vanished utterly. A devil thrown out of a woman by the Archbishop of Rheims ran through the trees, pursued by a hundred persons, until the open country was reached, where by a leap higher than a church spire he escaped into a bird. A chaplain in Cromwell's army exorcised a soldier's obsessing devil by throwing the soldier into the water, when the devil came to the surface. The soldier, unfortunately, did not.”--Ambrose Bierce, 'The Devil's Dictionary'
Somehow this quote seems strangely appropo...

I take my hat off to you, c4Logic! You have a knack for moving the argument forward: You've nailed it again!

Would we have applied the same word to Hillary Clinton?
These people are running for office -- at the national level, spending hundreds of millions of dollars of raised money to do so.
I'd certainly want a candidate that I invested in to work that hard. Do I approve of the dangerous rabble-rousing tactics? No, of course not. But I don't think "obsession" applies there. They are out to crush the opposing party. Obama just happens to be heading it.
They might be obsessed with winning. But both sides are.
I'd much prefer to highlight Palin's inability to deal with energy facts:
(Hot off the press this morning....)

Right now there are so many important issues to address, it's hard to know where to begin. I'd like to do a post on her lack of boundaries and how that leads to ethical lapses. I'd like to do another on "The American people are not stupid" and how they can spot a flim-flam strategy when they see one. The list goes on.
Words matter. And sometimes a word goes to the heart of the matter.

Sure, of course fighting an adversary to the death is an 'obsession'--and 'obsession' with survival when your ship is sinking can generally be forgiven, unless you are tossing women and children out of the lifeboat to save your own skin.
This troopergate business is ancillary to her public policies, which she has swallowed whole after they were injected down her throat by McCain operatives, one after the other in serial fashion--and her policies, which are McCain's-are simply bad policies. But, beyond the process of policy formation--which for Palin seems to be the firehose down the throat approach--those are the McCain campaigns words, by the way--you have to have a sense of how a candidates psychological makeup and character might shape their behavior when something unexpected turns up. As soon as she was in a position of power, she turned it on her brother in law--who had pissed her off. I can definitely see her saying something like: 'Leave the gun. Take the Canolis.'
avatar I would. It's one of the reasons that I didn't vote for her; it seemed that she would do anything to get elected, even that "shot at in Bosnia" crap.

Notice you were the only one that answered the question? ;-)
Humans are funny that way. In one context a set of actions is considered okay, in another horrible. Depends on where your emotional state is, I guess.
By the way, I would also. Both sets of parties that Obama had to run against were surprisingly viscious and mean-spirited...

Excellent post! It is indeed a pathological obsession of someone who thinks she is above the law.

I will be glad when this is election is over so I can stop being obsessed with it . . .

Yes, and I am sick of hearing about Conservatives obsessed with Sarah Palin's visible panty lines. Ugh! It's enough to put me off my mooseburger...somebody pass the fermented carabou milk...I need a drink.
avatar Speaking of obsessions, you seem to have one with Palin yourself. Please get some help for that.

You seem to have an obsession with other people getting some help for their obsessions. You've been ready to blow for some time--are you always merely going to be ready? Blow man, blow. Since you seem to be obsessed with blowing.

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