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October Surprise: It's Viral! (10.24.08)

This word just in from the Centers for Disease Control:
An outbreak of sanity.  Bulletin #1:

We are receiving reports that sanity is spreading throughout the country.  And it is very contagious.  Currently we are working on the theory that this outbreak is viral in nature.  Initial reports appeared to indicate that viral contact was computer related and confined to blogs and you tube videos.  But now we are receiving reports that tv watching or newspaper reading is also having strange "sane" effects on formerly delusional Americans, who expected wealth to trickle down like rain upon the land.  And the Centers for Disease Control now warn that even neighbor to neighbor contact seems likely to spread this rapidly increasing ability to think clearly.  Indeed, reason and sound judgment can be affected as well.

Many Americans will wonder whether they are safe.  Or whether they can protect their families from this rapidly spreading and extremely powerful virus.  At this time, we cannot be sure.  But here are some suggestions, based upon our current information.  Mega churches appear to have a protective effect.  Or any church that opposes evolution.  Apparently a persistent belief that every word in the bible is "true," together with a rejection of every evolutionary fact or theory,  seems to insulate the minds of some Americans.   Thus, taking shelter in such churches or with others of the same "faith" may help for a while, even a long while.  (But be cautious about anyone going out, even for food.  Local shoppers could easily infect you.)

In addition to certain churches, the virus seems unable to survive well in the RED areas of the enclosed map.  Keep in mind, however, that these red areas are shrinking rapidly.  And the CDC cannot keep up with the shrinking.  "Shrinks" may be implicated in this shrinking.  And we are looking into that too.

The CDC is in contact with other government agencies.  And we have noticed a strange and worrisome coincidence, related to a "landslide" which the Weather Channel is monitoring.  Go here for landslide information.  And notice that the RED areas seem to coincide for both of these strange and historic events.  Indeed the virus causing sanity seems related to the coming Landslide.  As well as to the Tsunamis.  And here is another strange geographical circumstance:  The Great Lakes states are "turning BLUE."  Is the virus in the water?  We are looking into that.

Here's our problem.  If you are viewing this bulletin on a computer, you are already infected!  Too late!  You're sane!  And likely contributing to the predicted landslide.  Newspaper readers and tv viewers of this notice are also at risk.  However, if you're reading this in the Bible, you're ok.  We're doing our best to slip some notices into bibles.

This may be our last bulletin on this problem.  We're running out of ways to remain virus-free ourselves.

Late CDC Update
An outbreak of sanity:  Bulletin #2

The virus has been identified.  It is the KARMA virus.  Expect the landslide.  The Sanity.   Karmic change is coming for sure!



I thought this was the October surprise:
You can be sure that the CDC is looking into any connections! Thanks for your tip!
I love you, Thera - the October Surprise is the electorate
We aren't stupid after all!!!!! LOL!
I love you back! Wonderful to see you here! Yes, "The American people are not stupid!" As Obama never ceases to tell us!
I love you back! Wonderful to see you here! Yes, "The American people are not stupid!" As Obama never ceases to tell us!
See how fast this virus is replicating?
Better get well, and fast.
In fact, a dose of sobriety is desperately needed:
- St. Louis Fed charts show no decline in borrowing at the discount window. In short, the financial system is on emergency backup.
- Bureau of Labor CPI data shows a 10% YTD increase in prices over 2007
- Recent DOL information shows 478,000 jobless claims last week.
- Donal has just posted that OPEC is cutting production
- foreclosures continue to climb in 6 key states; property values have fallen by 10-20% in most markets
- September consumer spending data from mastercard shows sharp drops in retail, consumer electronics, furniture, etc.
- discount retail and food sales are up (WalMart, McDonalds)
- the Dow Jones average is down from 11,000 to 8,500 - currently more than a 20% drop.
TheraP, when you say karmic change is coming, you are very, very correct. And if I were Obama, I'd spend about 5 minutes of my half hour before Game 6 talking about just this. And the next 25 minutes going over, specifically, how we will get out:
- this is no time for a spending freeze
- incentives for companies who don't layoff workers
- an immediate tax cut for the middle class
- the ability to withdraw from 401(k)s / no penalties
- a moratorium on foreclosures
- lenders must workout mortgages, ala IndyMac and their regulators
- funding for mass transit and rail
- spending on health care
- unemployment compensation increases
- education grants to unemployed workers to retrain
- prevention and treatment programs for alcohol/drugs (where do people go when it gets bad..)
It's great to hear the Hoover vacuum the last regime out of office. My first instinct is to be gleeful, but that is also the sensation at the summit when you run out of O2. There is a dangerous descent ahead, and the trip doesn't count unless we're all safe at the end.
Sobriety and Sanity.
Thanks! Yes, the CDC is on it!!
We need ascending the mountain training. And descending the mountain training. I believe, based upon my own studies, that Obama has done both.
Despite Palin's broad media exposure, your recent posts have put Alaska in the next positive camp for clear thinking!
Don't misread the electorate. Many, of course, are voting change out of optimism. However, many are voting change out of fear.
That means that expectations will be quite high -- with an anxious public.
The general mood of the country isn't apparent from an Obama victory. For example, there are a lot of people in California who may help Prop 8 pass. (Google it.)
Let's continue to think clearly and not let our happy emotions of a victory prevent our being rational.
Unfortunately, some may be naturally immune...
The CDC appreciates your public service suggestion.
Way too many of my family members and neighbors seem resistant to the virus. And I've heard that Diebold may have come up with a cure.
I'm not happy dancing yet.
I hear you. Diebold has massive power; they gave dubya the last election. Only a landslide can defeat them. I can't believe we let 4 more years go by without any attempt at solutions. I will only breathe a sigh of relief when Obama is sworn in as President. Until then the forces of the dark side will try EVERYTHING. We have the last 8 years as evidence of the havoc they can wreak without any consequences.
But try to stay hopeful -- I believe in Barack. He has made so many decisions, and they have proven to be correct. He even has Bill Clinton on his side now. You know what? I think we're going to win!
I'm hopeful, just not dancing.

I'm dancing... just can't help myself. Is this a symptom ?
As long as you're dancing "sane," it's a symptom. ("Insane" dancers have not been infected!)
TheraP - I'm sitting within two miles of the CDC as I type, less if the crow would fly me there. Should I stop by tomorrow and ask if I can help spread the word?
On a more serious note (for just a minute), the CDC has had its fair share of troubles under this administration. After Julie Louise Gerberding, M.D., M.P.H., was appointed as CDC director in 2002 by the Secretary of Health, the politicization of the CDC led to mass resignations of the top scientists and officials. At one point, former CDC directors sent an open letter warning of the consequences to public health when politics trump science and truth.
It is a certainty that the remaining scientists are very busy spreading the blue virus in every direction. In fact, I think there is a blue wave going over the house right now.
Thanks for a fun post.

Glad to know you're on the case, seashell!
Great Post Thera! I was giggling so much that my hubby asked me read it aloud to him. Too funny!
Giggling is definitely a symptom!
Raise a cheer,
for that new pamphleteer,
their word's are woven within the web,
The daytime talkers, and the midnight bloggers,
tho, vaguely we recollect what they said.
But day by day, blog by blog,
ideas churn like little cogs,
all powered by each other,
in the formulating flow,
as we separate the falsehoods from the truth we somehow know.
Yes, raise a cheer,
for the new pamphleteer,
thier words are living proof,
they've given voice to common folks,
who speak the real truth.

Wow, it's clear from your post that rhyming could also be a symptom. Maybe only for those who are particularly susceptible, like you seem to be.
Dancing. Rhyming. Giggling. Yes, the onset of the virus seems to come with a kind of exuberance!
With McCain's unclean and uneducated minions help this sanity virus could spread so far and so fast that Obama would not only win the U.S. but Canada and Mexico as well. Scary, truly scary.
Your fears are definitely worth pursuing further.
It's starting to feel a lot like "28 Days Later" already. PALIN/mccain rallies look like they're full of pale rotting zombies. Be afraid, be very afraid.
This summer I viewed the election as: Obama vs the corpse
Zebracat is baaaack!!
And floating on sunny seas I hope!
Been busy Lux as the Florida repubs are in panic mode and the Governor is getting ready to throw his weight behind Obama to save his future skin and funding. Not to mention he is still pissed he didn't get the VP nod or at least a serious consideration for a cabinet post. For now I will keep my elephant suit on up until election day and President Obama's victory thanks to mine and many other secret republican votes. Till then...
say the same/say it with shame
PALIN/mccain? 2008
Very happy to see you....elephant suit and all.
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