Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Simple JUSTICE - Not a witch hunt (1.21.09)

It's time to restore JUSTICE.  The Department of Justice.  The meaning of Justice.  And the carrying out of justice - which includes Habeas Corpus and the right to counsel, innocent till proven guilty and trial only after careful investigation and judicious prosecution. 

True Justice does not involve a witch hunt.  Nor does it involve a media circus.  It need not distract the country - for years or even days.  It is the quiet, boring gathering of evidence.  The tedious and painstaking sifting of information, attention to the law, and the filing of briefs, the briefing of grand juries, the slow, methodical plodding of quiet feet on the well-trodden road of our judicial system.

There really is no way to argue against justice.  And We the People have every right to demand it.  We have every right to demand redress.  And we will only know our justice system has returned to its roots and its values, once we know that it turns once again for us and not against us.
I will continue to call for Justice. 

I will not call for a witch hunt.  For that way is no justice.  That is a straw man, a fool's errand.

The sad thing is that even Justice will not necessarily bring all the crimes to light or adequately address our anguish, our horror, our shame - at what has been done in our name, against our will.  Likely a few signature crimes will be enough.  Maybe only one.  Because a case for war crimes need not indict for every war crime.  Just as a mass murderer need not be tried for every murder.  But these crimes cry out for Justice.  National and international law and even common decency cry out for Justice. 

It will take a long time to remake the Justice Department - to erase the injustices perpetrated in the name of expediency and dirty politics and cowardly fear.  I have no doubt that the Obama administration, under the able direction of those he has appointed to the Justice Department, will be able to restore that Department to its former place as a beacon of hope for those especially who lack the power and influence to advocate for themselves. 

But we cannot move forward unless we insist that Justice look backward.  Backward to redress crimes against people who lacked power and influence, who, being totally alone in cells without food, warmth, clothing, sleep, or common human decency were bereft of every legal protection, guaranteed under our laws and by international law.

Put yourself in the place of just one of those poor souls - in Guantanamo or god knows where.  Alone.  Totally alone.  Cold.  Hungry.  Wet.  Unable to escape the cacophony of noise or subjected to an absence of sound, sight, touch, smell.  Totally alone.  Without human companionship.  Unable to call for help.  Or any Justice. 

We cannot hold our heads up till we allow Justice to take its slow, plodding, exacting course.  And no amount of fixing the Justice Department will suffice if Justice is not served.

Whether justice will be served via a Special Prosecutor or some other Prosecutorial method is up to the new Attorney General, in consultation with the Office of Legal Counsel.  I leave it to the wheels of Justice to decide.  But decide they must.  And transparency must be served as well.  I await the public notification of that.  It must come soon.  And it surely must come.

Or I, for one, will not let this go.  NOT EVER. 


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