Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oleeb was right ... (a brief note) (6.28.09)

The title for this post could just as well have been:  The Wisdom of Humility.

As I've sometimes said, oleeb's is a prophetic voice.  Thus his comments here Which I should not have doubted.  As it turns out, I have Nothingness to say.

From time to time I will post at the link above.  It is something I swore never to do.  But, live and learn...

I find myself keeping watch over my dearly beloved here at TPM Cafe.  Not commenting.  But checking sometimes.  Recommending a few times.  Thinking about you.  In a deep caring way. 

Mostly I've been reading.  Meditating.  Pondering.  Which I will continue to do.  Reading the kinds of books you'd not find reviewed here.  Pondering things close to the heart, that might attract unwonted nay-saying - to no purpose - if posted here.

I found I did have one thing to say - in poetry and prose.   I may have more.  I can't predict.  I just wanted to leave a link, for those who might be interested.  The whole endeavor turned on whether I could name the blog after a post of DD's.   And it came to pass...  (Just as oleeb might have predicted.)  So, DD, in honor of this post, a post which sparked much pondering and a wonderful exchange with Lux Umbra Dei,  I've named it:  Nothingness.  Nothingness, as well, sparked its first post and its reason for being. 

While comments are possible there, they will be moderated.  At a later point it seems there is some way to allow certain "members" to comment freely.  (I'll have to look into that.)

Sometimes Turning Points turn out to be turnings we had never expected.....



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I had forgotten that exchange between yourself and Lux. What a wonderful launching point, for so many reasons. I don't know exactly why, but somehow this post - a bridge between two visions of nothingness - leaves me happy, sad and nostalgic ... all in a very good way.
Love your new spot, glad you felt the desire to share it here.
Lovely TheraP, just lovely:)
I got it bookmarked TheraP. Good luck and much love.
I shall of course visit it often.
Thera, I am just thrilled for you. I commented over on the new site...
Unless you got a message saying something like "comment held for approval" - it may not have really posted, stilli. (I've looked there and in my email... but so far am missing your comment... if it's gotten lost, I'm very, very sad...)
I hopes you got mine.
I signed it, bwakfat. That was me.
Lovely comment, bwak. Yes, it's been posted! :)
This is a welcome bit of news indeed!
Bookmarked it and I'll drop by as I can.
Bookmarked here too.
Always a blessing to see your words. You mean very much to me.
I'm very sorry that you will be here less. Sorry, though only for us...
It's always wonderful to "hear" you.

Nice - I'll be stopping by when I have Nothing to do! Now, a joke:
Mother: What did you learn in school today?
Zen Student: Nothing!
You'll fit right in! :)
And that's no joke! (nor is your joke...)
Thera, thank you for your encouragement and the thought work you have added to the world.
Of late, all the work you have done on torture and the NeoCons, it was so good and useful. But I worried about you--I think about those issues too but I don't have your follow-through; laziness keeps me safe.
The trouble with studying evil is that for all its usefulness, there isn't much satisfaction to it--sort of like sitting down to a nice meal of stale air and chalk. (Or climbing Mt. Everest through the "dead zone." There's a reason to be there, but it can't be said that the experience itself is good for a person.) Evil is where energy goes to die.
So I am glad that your mind has encouraged you to rest in nothingness for awhile, and that you're taking the advice.
A rumination on nothingness that you might find amusing.
If evil is where energy goes to die, then nothingness is surely where energy inevitably comes to live. Doggone that energy anyway: it drip, drips into nothingness until it balls up into a trickle of sentience, gathers speed and forms a rivulet of hope. Then a few mysterious things happen, you give in to it a little and drift downstream, thinking "Why in God's name am I doing this again?" And in that moment, you realize that the answer to this question lies in simply removing the word "Why?" and making it a statement.
In God's name, out of nothingness, headed for the rapids and the bright ocean, again.
Yeehaw, yaweh. Namaste.

Erica, my heart is overflowing.... You are right. In everything you've said. Especially turning the question into a statement. I love your rumination on nothingness! (I may use it...)

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