Thursday, September 27, 2012

Democratic Convention & the America I Love

I still can't get over my joy of the Dem Convention!  I watched - transfixed - during its three nights.  I loved the speeches.  And I particularly loved it when the camera panned to show me the audience.  I loved the diversity!

It brings me joy just to recall the diversity.  

Most of all the convention gave me the America I love.  People of all ages, races, creeds, incomes, cultural groups, genders, persuasions.  All types of workers.

It was beautiful!  It made my heart swell.  With a sense of oneness.  All these people...   Not just a picture of our country's diversity.  But like a picture of our world.

For weeks now I've been wanting to write this post.  Not quite sure where it was leading me.  Letting my thoughts and feelings ripen...

I bet I'm not the only person for whom the Democratic Convention continues to matter.  And I bet that's what a bounce means.  It means you felt uplifted at the time.  And you continue to feel uplifted.  As your memories coalesce and strengthen.  Into a really good feeling for what our country can be - how we can all come together.  Work together.  For the common good.

So much has led to this moment. 


I honestly think the Occupy Movement had a powerful impact.

In its own way it changed the conversation.

Romney/Ryan - So the Rich get richer!
Indeed it started conversations!

It encouraged a sense of community.

Contrast that with the alternative....

Take a good long look at the logo.   (Click to enlarge.)

Which is your America?

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The Right Questions for Campaign 2012

In Grad School I learned the importance of asking good questions.  I learned that doing research.  And I learned that doing psychotherapy. 

So here's our task:  What questions should we be asking ourselves this campaign season?  And how do we find them?

I'd say we have to start with a good metaphor for where we've been over the past 4 years.  And that metaphor came to me a few days back, when I was examining the fallacious reasoning of the republican ticket:  Our current economic crisis is like being on a forced march.  Or like having to climb a mountain when we didn't pick the task.  When we simply have to slog on as a nation during a period of economic austerity.  So we're on this "forced march" - this uphill climb.  Together.  That's the key.  To my mind.  (Another useful metaphor.)

Asking the right question, I'd say, assumes something about how we're all in this together.  Versus the republican question, which, not surprisingly assumes each individual is like an independent atom - with its own orbit.  As if the atom individual (See Ayn Rand.  Or don't.) could independently assay the past 4 years, pronounce judgement (do you judge it for yourself alone?  or do you presume to make a judgement for us all?), and then cast a vote accordingly.  As if that was ALL that mattered.... (N.B.  Ryan-Romney are asking the wrong question.)

Ok, so back to finding the right question.  I'd say the question is something like this:  Since we're all in this together, and since we are facing difficult odds as a nation (due to over-runs of 2 wars and tax breaks for the wealthy under Bush and a stalled economy due to financial wizards making huge mistakes and saddling us all with gigantic loans to bail them out...  Grrrr!!!)...  here comes the question:   
How far have we come?  And who do we TRUST as a leader - for the next 4 years of our slog?  Do we stick with our current leader or find another?  

To me, it comes down to the issue of trust:
Who are the most trustworthy companions and leaders - if we're all in this together?  Who understands companionship?  Who best understands what it means that we're all in this together?  
Who can we trust to lead us in our togetherness?  Who understands togetherness?  Who will tell us the truth about that?

For me, the choice is clear.  In two ways:  
Affirmative: Barak Obama. 
Negative: Willard Weasel, AKA Mitt Romney
                  - one of those very financial wizards, hiding money offshore, avoiding taxes onshore.

Need a humor break?  Or a blessing?  Two for one here.