Wednesday, September 1, 2010


When I began posting at TPM Cafe,  I had no idea it would at times become almost a full time job.  Had I realized that before starting, I might never have embarked.  Seeing these blogs, just the ones I've pulled to post here as a digest of the entire group, truly astounds me!

I have no idea if people will actually come back here to read.  But at the very least I have this for myself and for a public record.  A record not only of a time in our nation but of a time in which a group of strangers formed a community and learned from each other while having amazing discussions.

Peace to all who enter here.  The blogs were placed on a single day.  To find them you have only to check the archive to the right sidebar.  Click on the month of September.  And you'll see the entire list.  Nearly all the blogs now include the comments - after the jump.  (Many comments are from Lux - during Oct - Dec of 2008 - each blog title includes original date.)


Should you wish to find my other blogs, I will continue to maintain Nothingness (on blogger) as well as the two new blogs (on WordPress):  Casting Words to the Wind and Heart Streams in Dry Land.

PLEASE NOTE TABS above (under blog title).   Tab marked 9/9/10 contains blogs from the "last day" - before the lights went out.... (or so it was expected)



What a remarkable feat, TheraP.

What a remarkable journey.

Egoist that I am I started with 'nothingness' and that drew tears just reading Lux.

And the fine attitude everyone had that day.

Just wonderful.

Again, thank you for this remarkable achievement.

TheraP said...

Wow! I am deeply touched by your words, dd. It is a wonder to remember it all, is it not?

I bless you, my dear friend! :-)

thepeoplechoose said...

I am touched by all this TheraP. You give all of us hope for tomorrow.

TheraP said...

Bless you, dear "people choose". We need hope for tomorrow - in so many ways... May it come to pass.