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The Trophy Running Mate (8.31.08)

She’s photogenic!  She posed for Vogue this winter!  She shoots!  She hunts!   She fishes.  She’s in politics!  And she is some amazing politician!

Voters love her – but why not the legislators?

How come they’re investigating her?

How can they do that to a woman politician, who worked right up to delivering?  Who postponed medical care to give a political speech after her water broke?   Who flew 10 hours to Alaska to deliver her special needs baby at home in the tiny hometown hospital?  How dare legislators investigate a woman governor with a special needs baby?  How dare they investigate a woman whose oldest daughter was so sick she had to miss months and months of school this winter and spring?  How can they accuse a new mother of mixing political power and a family feud?

She’s photogenic!  She’s got a special needs baby!  She can postpone delivery!  She returns to work immediately!  And for that the legislature rewards her with an investigation?

Something is fishy here!

But not for John McCain!

John McCain loves a maverick.  He believes that this lady, whose own party is investigating her – after only 18 months into her governorship – deserves to be promoted.  His campaign was mired.  It lacked excitement.  Like the CEO who seeks a trophy wife, John McCain has found his trophy running mate.  Someone to give a spark to the campaign!  Someone photogenic. Someone to generate news!  Someone with a story!  A story of pregnancy and a special needs baby.  A son going off to battle!  An embattled governor with family secrets – but oh, so photogenic!

This is a hard campaign to attack.  How can you attack someone who’s been tortured?  Who somehow survived torture but can’t abide criticism? How can you attack a mother who’s viewed as a saint for having her special needs baby in a hometown hospital after giving a speech and taking two long flights and car ride – bypassing world class medical care for the home town touch?

That’s the problem we’re faced with here, folks: Trophy Running Mate.  Aging politician. Needing spark.

Now why is that a problem?  Ummmmm.... Aging politician. Trophy Running Mate!

Vogue model “eye candy” is our future, folks!  Unless somehow we overcome our reluctance to criticize a prisoner of war and his femme fatale with the special needs baby.

Now, if you read up on the Trophy Running Mate you will find that she is really, really good at connecting with voters.  And she loves to fly around and go to meetings.  Can even give a speech with her water leaking.  But she’s not all that interested in the nuts and bolts of governing.  And her legislature, despite the special needs baby, is investigating her after only 18 months in office – for mixing a family feud with politics.

Now, I don’t know about you.  But honestly if someone can’t get along with the legislators in her own party and is engaged in a family feud that spills over into politics, and they tend to avoid the nuts and bolts of governing.... that makes me a bit nervous.  Especially, when chosen by John McCain, a man of 72, a man with a past history of cancer.

What we need now is to focus on the Trophy Person’s political past.  Why is it that the town that elected her as mayor twice is now embroiled in a huge financial fiasco related to a hockey rink she convinced everyone to build?  Why is it that she’s changed her story on the Bridge to Nowhere?  Is her resume thin?  Or are we missing parts of it?  Are those missing parts the parts deleted from Wikipedia?  Or the info deleted from the state website?  And from other websites?

Lots of info and photos have been scrubbed from the web!  Related to the Trophy running mate!  Why is that?  How does it relate to this woman’s biography or resume?  Inquiring minds want to know this.  It’s like the dog that didn’t bark.  It cries out for explanation!

I don’t care whether this post gets much traffic.  Because I’m more concerned about lots and lots of posters digging into this lady’s political past.  And fast!!!  I’m more concerned that people have been side tracked by her family secrets rather than the mystery of why a Trophy Running Mate is being foisted onto the American public.  Frankly, it’s like giving us the finger, folks!  And if you’re a woman, as I am, it’s insulting to have a Trophy female, rather than someone with a long list of accomplishments, slated for an office which so far exceeds her experience or her political skill, that the whole world is a risk should John McCain be incapacitated.

Leave it to the Inquirer to find the family secrets.

But find every fact related to this lady.  Facts.  Not theories.  And publish.  Give links.  Critique. You have your mission.
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The Recommends are not working. This was an outstanding post!
We've said much of the same thing at along with the possibility that has been floating around (and I hope Josh Marshall is on this to prove or disprove) that the baby was her daughter's and not her own.
No matter. If she got on a commercial airliner after her water broke it was reckless beyond words. It could have been fatal to her, her child and an absolutely inconsiderate thing to do to fellow travelers.
If she's lying about the birth, well, that's a whole new level of lying and the social conservatives will completely walk away.
Either way, this woman is a slap in the face to all American's who take their government seriously.

Thanks for your kind words.
I'll check out your link.
Honestly, I think we need to move on from the baby issue. And simply question her judgment. Over and over and over.
We need to get all the fact out. Fast. And we need to understand one thing really well: Why have members of her own party voted to investigate her?
That's a simple question that bears repeating and repeating.

Well, even assuming her story is true what kind of mother do you know who works while in labor with one child and with another who is so very ill at home. Didn't anyone tell her about the family leave act? Some role model!

Family values must fit in there somehow.... right?

Another thing that makes no sense is the cavalier way she'd treat labor at her age and expecting a special needs child. Any sane women would want to be near a specially equipped full service children's hospital with the best neonatal care available not flying between Texas and Alaska. Some saint!

Yes. Simply focus on the facts and how they speak to her judgment, her decision-making.
She put a plane-load of people (actually two plane loads!) at risk, if her water had broken - as she claims.
We don't need to assess the claims. Just her judgment!

Check out this great post from Alaska:
Palin is McCain's Bridge to Nowhere, it says.

Trophy running mate
Bravo! Music to my ears.
You, ingenious TheraP, are in tune with the overlooked obvious and have struck the right notes.

I toast you back! And thanks.

When you dig for info, keep a few things in mind:
a. Make a list of all the examples of this woman's judgment and decision-making. In areas both personal and political - where she's revealed herself, put her story out there for the public. When you do that, you begin to wonder about her. There's Trooper-gate, as they're calling it. There's the Bridge to Nowhere - and differences in how she's describing her role now versus a historical record in her former statements and actions.
b. Keep the focus on judgment and decision-making. No matter what the topic or issue. And that's fair game!
Judgment. Character. Decision-making. And there should be no topic where this woman has left a public record, and which relates to her work as a politician, that is not open to scrutiny.
c. As long as we focus on the facts (as told by her, gleaned from medicine or any other factual evidence, emails, eyewitness accounts, and the like) - and use those facts to evaluate her capacity for judgment and decision-making - in effect her character under stress - it's part of the vetting that needs to happen here.
Frankly, having taken a lot of time to assess the available evidence on this woman, the thought of her being one step away from leading the nation scares me to death!

avatar At this point all these arguments have no relevance. People are going to vote for Governor Palin because they see themselves in the Governor. She is a working woman, a mother to 5 kids, a wife, a business owner, a hunter, fisherman, ex cheerleader or basketball player, she can shoot a gun and seems like a REAL person. In the American world (our world) there is no City Park, Broadway, Taxi Cab or uppity eating establishments. We have diners, high school football, the great outdoors and we call it America. We cheer for our teams to win and don't pull our stars off the field when we are winning. When we lose, we lose with grace. We come together for a prayers on Sunday and wave at our neighbors. You don't know us but you think you know everything. You can continue to be as smart as you think you are and we will vote like we always do. We don't like those that just talk it. That's why we also walk it. See you at the polls.

Your vote is sacred. I respect that. Go in peace.

I love this, which is seldom noted:
How can you attack someone who’s been tortured? Who somehow survived torture but can’t abide criticism?
I agree; we have to go after facts, which it seems the McCain campaign didn't bother to do. I've noticed in the past few years that people like George Bush, Dick Cheney, John McCain, and others, that their ability to "connect" seems to me to be based on a fraudulent personality. Sarah has that same mien, and I truly think she is as phoney as the others from what I have been reading. All you have to do is tune in on Sunday mornings to find snake-oil preachers that people do not question in any way. That is the same population who think Palin is "wonderful." If it stays at the 30% of Bush-lovers, fine with me.

Nice post, TheraP, but honestly, some here will read your sarcasm of the looks issue as a fact.
The VOTEMASTER posited an interesting thought experiment on why McCain chose Palin:
Worth a read....

Dear clearthinker: It's do or die time. I gave it my best shot. I agree that the race has been shaken up. And I literally spent the whole of yesterday following up on everything I could - and then trying to see the way forward in terms of our means of attack here. As I viewed it, both she and McCain are in effect running as "saints" - martyrs who want to claim a mantle that cannot be questioned. I felt it had to be a woman who went after the "trophy" issue. Because that's what ties Palin to McCain. And the "trophy" is her "saintliness" - the ProLife creds your link mentions.
People who appear to be martyrs (or have been martyrs) can exercise a kind of control over others - a kind of "Tyranny of the Weak." This is what we're up against. We need to see it for what it is. And we need to unflinchingly go after the issue of judgment. Because even "saints" may exercise poor judgment. And you don't necessarily want one in the White House.
Given the choices we've got, I'll take the temperaments of Obama and Biden - along with their better judgment and decision-making skills.
I personally think we'll see Palin withdraw to spend more time with her family. Can't say when. But regardless of McCain's reasons for choosing her, and regardless of her naivete in accepting his offer, this pressure cooker of scrutiny may be more than her family can bear. (And this lady seems to react poorly under stress.) She was extremely naive or deeply unrealistic to accept the VP slot. The sooner she recognizes this and decides to withdraw, the better for her and her family. And the country.

As I've expressed before, I doubt she will resign. To do so would be a nearly fatal blow to McCain. (See also: McGovern and Eagleton. McGovern first was lambasted by showing "poor judgement" and then by "lack of loyalty".)
I like the Votemaster's analysis -- if McCain wants to run a woman, he has limited choices. I just wish he had picked Christine Todd Whitman. As you know, she's been my favorite dark horse for quite a while. Maybe they were worried thought about her comments during 9/11 (although she has been recently acquitted of any wrong doing).
She was extremely naive or deeply unrealistic to accept the VP slot.
Dunno. In politics, if you are tapped, it's very difficult to turn something down unless you are already very, very powerful. If she isn't ready, I don't fault her for saying 'yes', I fault McCain for making the offer.

Ok. I'll go with faulting McCain. And honestly, if it is impossible for this woman to bow out, then the damage to her family will only get worse and worse. I truly feel for her children. They are the innocent victims here. What a tragedy!
Glad I never got into politics. Was offered. Turned it down! So, either you're very powerful or you simply don't need power. I don't.

Well, my comment was aimed at people already involved in the system.

Great post - I saw her called Klondike Barbie but this is better
avatar Lets see if our republican devious plan has worked.
No Bush impeachment!, Check!
No Cheney secret governments, Check!
No 911 inside jobs, Check!
Congress forms committees to investigate Bush for naught, Check!
No AG scandals, Check!
We win in Iraq, Check!
Afghanistan, Check!
Blazing Hot Governor Palin becomes the Vice-President, Check!
Conspiracy Complete!
Arggg! HaHa!!!!!
The good looking people win!

What is your definition of victory in Iraq, OldSarg? I just returned from a deployment in AO Denver, so I would like to compare your definition with the reality I experienced.

if you think that republicans are better looking than democrats, you're high. if you think women who compete in beauty contests are good looking, I feel sorry for ya. you can keep the plastic and the fake eyelashes and silicone boobs and the lot of it. yuck!

you can keep the plastic and the fake eyelashes and silicone boobs and the lot of it.
They may not do much for you, but there's a lot of people making money from this so *someone* likes it!
Ditto with make-up, high-heels, jewelry and a bunch of other accouterments women adorn to make them more attractive.

It occurs to me that Sarah Palin is a brilliant choice for McCain's VP, for all the reasons that everybody else thinks she's a disaster. We now know from his aides that McCain actually wanted Lieberman. So whose choice was she? The Rove/Cheney folks needed an insurance policy. McCain, like Bush, is an incompetent who requires handlers to direct him. His chances of surviving his term in office are not so good. It obviously would not do to have an independent thinker become President. Rove/Cheney don't give a fig about Palin's narrow issues or fitness to serve, but they are crazy to retain power and control. Definitely politics at its most craven, but brilliantly conceived--as long as none of the juicy rumors now circulating prove true.

You just put your finger on my greatest fear. If McCain should get elected and then die in office, Palin could appoint an experienced VP - Cheney. Then you'd have a repeat of bushco. A person able to get votes and connect with voters. And a dark Lord directing the real show.

We now know from his aides that McCain actually wanted Lieberman.
Do we know this for real? I haven't seen anything about it except idle speculation. It would be interesting if you can provide a link, please!

Here's your link: wanted lieberman&st=cse
New York Times (8/31/08):
"For weeks, advisers close to the campaign said, Mr. McCain had wanted to name as his running mate his good friend Senator Joseph I. Lieberman of Connecticut" (etc)

A bit more:
"Although the campaign’s polling on Mr. McCain’s potential running mates was inconclusive on the selection of Ms. Palin — virtually no one had heard of her, a McCain adviser said — the governor, who opposes abortion, had glowing reviews from influential social conservatives."
The article does not report a long careful process, with regard to Palin, but a pretty impromptu phone call after a discussion. Followed by inviting her to AZ - where the offer was made.
"He hardly knew her, and she had virtually no foreign policy experience, but Ms. Palin was a “kindred spirit,” a McCain adviser said. Mr. McCain was betting, the adviser said, that she would help him reclaim the mantle of maverick that he had lost this year.
"The selection was the culmination of a five-month process, described by Mr. McCain’s inner circle and outside advisers in interviews this past weekend, and offers a glimpse into how Mr. McCain might make high-stakes decisions as president.
"At the very least, the process reflects Mr. McCain’s history of making fast, instinctive and sometimes risky decisions. “I make them as quickly as I can, quicker than the other fellow, if I can,” Mr. McCain wrote, with his top adviser Mark Salter, in his 2002 book, “Worth the Fighting For.” “Often my haste is a mistake, but I live with the consequences without complaint.”
That is why I think this was an impulsive, rash decision on McCain's part. And now they're making it up as they go along. While the bloggers are finding out the facts (contradicting their assertions) even faster than they can make it up!

I go back to my main point. Regardless of whether these facts are "true," this is what his aides have released. And we can go on that to critique McCain's judgment and decision-making skills, in essence his character and how he acts under stress.

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