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Leveraged Detention (1.26.09)

Seems to me that the same slight of hand that enabled bundles of (nearly) worthless debt to be sold as secure long term investments and bundles of (nearly) worthless intelligence to be packaged and sold as proof positive of WMD is what we're finding out now about Gitmo.  Bundles of info - probably showing torture, erroneous "intelligence" and lack of any reason to hold them - were said to have "high value."  Turns out the detention records are scattered, like so many mortgages whose holders can't be found.  Bundles of information on incarcerated human beings.  The leveraging of "nothing" for a future built on shame.  People's lives forever damaged.  The nation's good name trashed.  So much for "high value" detainees.

What a blot on Justice!  Which cries out to be served.



That is why investigation is so important. People just sat around in high places figuring out how to hide all truth for eight years.
I pointed out before that the 75 generals were first sent down to Gitmo on their propaganda campaign for the pentagon.
You know what the New Executive peeps should do?
Subpoena a whole bunch of w office holders who are out in the lobby world and put them under oath and get all the info they can, threatening real jail time for liars and obfuscators.
There is so much info missing in all the facets of the executive branch, that our government and our people are in a lot of trouble. If you do not have the information, how can you act judiciously?
Whistle-blowing patriots. My money is on this group.
There's an awful lot of energy coming from bushco, in an effort to suppress investigations. That tells me something.
Even if "everything" does not come out, it takes just one tight case to prosecute. One tight case. Per problem. Per person. (and these folks are running scared)

Fear, TheraP, I smell a lot of fear coming from the right. No doubt about it.
Patriots would be better than subpoenas, but I see no reason to rely only on one or the other.
In order to prevent cooperative responses, they should all be arrested on the same day and then held indefinitely. Once we have everything in order, then we can get around to questioning them. It could take years, especially since it seems all the information is so scattered, but if it werer better assembled, maybe they would not have to wait so long ... maybe not.
Is it such a blot? Or is it that Justice is not the only operation of Government, so it makes sense for some files to be scattered hither and yon?
I might be MORE worried if centralized intel were the higher objective. But I cannot say that this scattering was not part of an overt plot or conspiracy. It should be looked into. As a broad brush initial hypothesis I suggest we think of it as a result of Republican disdain for government, 'laissez-faire' down to the details. If we find evidence of collusion or connivance, follow those trails, otherwise clean up Bush's spilt milk and move forward.
Also remember that Bernie Madoff was a nut about a clean office, and that the devil sometimes sidles up next to godliness.
eds, I just want the people who are in charge now, to have the information. What happened, how did it come about.
I get your point about centralized intel.
At least you have me thinking about this.
The news that Bernie had been paid as an independent adviser to the SEC did cause me to spit out some coffee. So incompetency has to be considered in the mix.
DD, It seems there were two kinds of "scattering" of files. One is that files in an office were "all over the place". That's basic incompetence if not outright obstructionism.
The other is having files for different purposes located with different agencies. Since I don't know what all those files would be, I can't begin to judge. But if files (or copies) needed for say, pre-prosecution work are not accessible from one place, that's just bizarre.
I mean, it's okay if my Mortgage is recorded in one place at the County Records Office, and Building Permits filed elsewhere, while Property Tax assessments are in another building. I understand *that* kind of scattered, and by analogy I suppose a similar scattering could apply to docs about detainees who are apparently being treated as one step above cattle in some cases.
One of the detainees released from Gitmo has been promoted to head of Al Qeada in Yemmin.
If you'll remember, Yemmin produces more terrorists per capita than any other country.
Congratulations on your humanitarian efforts!!!!!!
...and this makes you a ...?
Says who? And if your claim is true how do we know that? Does Al Qaeda list promotions and new appointments in the local business journals in Yemen? And who promoted him? Huh? The Board of Directors at their quarterly meeting in Vegas?
Get serious now. Do you know how many times the #2 man in Al Qaeda has been killed? Dozens! But is it ever true? Who knows? It's a secret organization for God's sake. They don't give out such information!

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