Monday, October 7, 2013

The Boomerang Principle

The Republicans profess to be so shrewd. Weaving endless webs of words - signifying nothing - all the while asserting certainty.

    Republican Boomerang ...  Waiting     

Poll-tested, focus-tested strings of verbiage - devoid of logic - repeated ad nauseam - have finally reached a tipping point. The point where the politics of nothing (but strategy) is reaping the whirlwind - its own reward: A boomerang of their own devising. Headed straight toward them.

Is it because they won't fund good education? Or good science? That they disbelieve the results of actual experiments.

That they simply could not see that the purveying of nonsense (over and over) acts like so many boomerangs thrown. That even with an accurate aim, a powerful blow comes back.

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