Friday, October 18, 2013

It's Insulting

All liars are assuming that those to whom they tell their lies-  are stupid.  Think about it:  The very act of lying is an act of contempt.  An act of extreme and utter self-aggrandizement (on the part of the one who lies) and utter contempt for the "lied to" - as people so stupid that they can be bamboozled by a confection of words.  Words distracting from reality, not pointing to it.

This is what irritates the heck out of me: whenever the republicans try to rewrite history or simply string together a bunch of meaningless phrases, constructing a pablum for (the pitifully stupid) others to swallow wholesale.

It's their contempt for the listener that gets to me.  Their utter self-satisfaction and contempt.  As they spin a web of lies.  A paragraph of meaningless sentences.  Like a hypnotist.  Putting a trance on the voter.  And inserting a soothing post-hypnotic message:  Do as I say. 

It's insulting!

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