Thursday, September 27, 2012

Democratic Convention & the America I Love

I still can't get over my joy of the Dem Convention!  I watched - transfixed - during its three nights.  I loved the speeches.  And I particularly loved it when the camera panned to show me the audience.  I loved the diversity!

It brings me joy just to recall the diversity.  

Most of all the convention gave me the America I love.  People of all ages, races, creeds, incomes, cultural groups, genders, persuasions.  All types of workers.

It was beautiful!  It made my heart swell.  With a sense of oneness.  All these people...   Not just a picture of our country's diversity.  But like a picture of our world.

For weeks now I've been wanting to write this post.  Not quite sure where it was leading me.  Letting my thoughts and feelings ripen...

I bet I'm not the only person for whom the Democratic Convention continues to matter.  And I bet that's what a bounce means.  It means you felt uplifted at the time.  And you continue to feel uplifted.  As your memories coalesce and strengthen.  Into a really good feeling for what our country can be - how we can all come together.  Work together.  For the common good.

So much has led to this moment. 


I honestly think the Occupy Movement had a powerful impact.

In its own way it changed the conversation.

Romney/Ryan - So the Rich get richer!
Indeed it started conversations!

It encouraged a sense of community.

Contrast that with the alternative....

Take a good long look at the logo.   (Click to enlarge.)

Which is your America?

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