Friday, July 6, 2012

My brush with Mitt

Sometimes a "mystery" is explained.  I have the evidence!

Till recently, I only had the mystery.

Some years ago, I purchased pads of paper.  They were in a lovely graph paper design.  And the paper quality was exceptional!  I used them for writing up therapy notes.  Which meant that I needed a pretty good supply of good paper.  And I went through a lot of it.

Even though I'd purchased this paper in plastic-wrapped packages of a dozen or so... eventually my supply ran low.

That's when I had my brush with Mitt.  Though I had no idea who he was or how his behavior impacted my small business, so to speak.

First a digression.  Why graph paper? ... you may be asking.  Well, in Europe they always had these nice writing pads in a graph paper design.  And when I found some, right here in the USA, at a time when I needed a lot of writing paper of good quality, I was delighted!

But I was not delighted when I tried to replace my dozens of shrink-wrapped writing pads.  Instantly, I could see the difference!  The paper was flimsy.  The printing was poor.  Same company.  Same product name.  But the quality was terrible!  And I had pads of the formerly good paper left over.  So I could prove it to myself.  Over and over.

I was so bothered by this, as I'd really enjoyed writing on that nice paper... and I still had lots more writing to do... that I phoned the company.  To complain.  They were very apologetic.  And sent me 3 replacement packages (with a dozen writing pads each).  To make up for it.  I still have some of them.  All these years later.  For:

The replacements were identically terrible.              

That was in the mid 90's, I'd guess.

Fast forward to 2012.  Mitt Romney is running for president.  Bain Capital is on the radar screen.  And upon that radar comes the name AmpadThat name rings a bell.

Folks, I can personally demonstrate the effect of Mitt Romney's Bain Capital upon Ampad.   And upon me.  

Did I ever purchase from Ampad again?  Nope!

Mitt Romney ran that company into the ground.  He likely destroyed its customer base.  And believe me, I would have been a very loyal customer!  For I needed a lot of that good paper.  Which never came back. 

So if Mitt thinks he's a great businessman, I have news for him.  I can prove it!

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