Friday, October 15, 2010

"Children in Charge"

Don’t miss this column on what went into the House of Cards that got sold as bundles of mortgages, the collapse of which has led to so much economic pain for all the but the wealthy bankers who believe they are the “best and the brightest” – those doom-hawking hoodwinkers – whose toxic products have been gradually infecting every nook and cranny of our world financial and monetary networks.  It’s important to know their nefarious slights of hand, so we can protect ourselves from the coming attractions, as the money works its way ever deeper into the political system, thanks to the “inJustices” – those supremes so in love with the free market, that they are willing to sell out the Republic to the highest secret bidder in our current electoral advertising Hoodwinkery, which is simply another form of bundling toxicity as straw-spun “gold”.

There!  I hope that piques your interest!  Read it. Or don’t blame me if you didn’t see it coming….


Alan said...

He (Cohan) also wrote an earlier column urging a return to the days of investment banks as partnerships rather than corporate entities, based on the idea that the partners, having their net worth tied to the firm, would make far more responsible choices.

I am not holding my breath waiting for that.

TheraP said...

There are so many reasons why people should have a "stake" in the outcome of decisions they make. But I'm not holding my breath either. Indeed, I think I'm prepared for the worst case scenario in this country - just in case. I truly fear for the future - as we seem to be drifting further and further from a sense of social interdependence and caring to an type of individualism which could lead to violence.